About Me...

I'm Mohamed Ariane, I'm currently working as a mathematics teacher at the preparatory level with five years of experience. I got a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. I also obtained a master's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.

I always try to combine my experience in teaching mathematics and developing websites, so I created this site in order to share my knowledge in the field of mathematics with mathematics teachers, as well as trying to explain some mathematical concepts to students who want to develop their skills or get rid of ambiguity while receiving the lesson in the department.

This is just the beginning. We will work hard to improve the content of the site and adjust the mathematical concepts and formulate them in a simple way to benefit as many students as possible.

Teaching levels: middle and high school

Teaching areas: Mathematics and computer science

Skills acquired: developing websites and Android mobile applications

Other Skills: Video Editing, Linux

Hobbies: soccer, cross country, swimming

Thank you for visiting our site and I hope you like it, and do not hesitate to tell us if there is any mathematical error in one of the lessons or exercises.